CNC Turning

Our CNC Turning department is a key first step in the production of our Custom Ejector Sleeves, Core Pins, and Water Cooled Cores. We also produce the following specialty products:
Shafts, Bushings, Guide Pins, Straight Leader Pins, Shoulder Leader Pins, Angle Pins, Sprue Bushings, Locating Rings, Spacers, Support Pillars, Tapered Interlocks, Shoulder Plates, Die Bushings, Punches, Pump Shafts, Mixer Shafts

Machining capabilities:

  • 14” max turning diameter
  • 2.5” max through spindle bar capacity
  • 20” max turning length
  • Live tooling for milling, offset features, flats, keys, and special shapes
  • Hard Turning