Internal Grinding & Honing

I.D. Grinding & Honing are necessary steps in the production of precision bores. A highly utilized department when it comes to manufacturing ejector sleeves and precision bushings.
Our internal grinding department at SG uses custom made work holding fixtures built specifically for ejector sleeve, bushing and die button production. We will meet and exceed your quality standards in regards to: concentricity, size, depth setting, roundness and surface finish.
Honing produces fine finishes and the precision fit needed in wear parts like ejector sleeves and guide bushings. Extended part life is achieved in sliding applications for both the sleeve and pin or shaft and bushing.

Internal Grinding:

  • .040” to 2.0” Diameter Thru and Blind holes within .0002”
  • Depth setting within .0002”
  • Angle & Radius grinding
  • Surface finishes to 4 micro inches
  • Concentricity and Roundness within .0002”
  • .060” to 3.0” Dia. Thru holes within .0002”
  • Stroke length up to 6.0” on large diameter bores
  • Surface finishes to 4 micro inches